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June 1, 2012
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MK - Damious Reference Sheet by porcelian-doll MK - Damious Reference Sheet by porcelian-doll
Pretty Light Rainbow Watermark by PeppermentPanda

So, this is Damious he is Eclipse's big brother and the God of Space, Portals, and Gates. <33

[ Deity ]

Name: Damious Kaleiah

Alias: Dami, Gate Keeper

Alignment: Lawful Good

Nationality: Firá, Greece

Residence: Varies

Personal History: Damious is the eldest son and first born of Fujin and his wife Innessa. He has always excelled in the things that he has undertaken and was a favorite student of his mentors. Since he was very young he was aware that he was destined to ascended to the 'gatekeeper' of Earthrealm and has spent his childhood and adolescence training for it. He has a difficult relationship with his sister Eclipse since they have such different personalities but she is the only person to understand the pressure he has been under. He spends most of his time flitting from one 'landing spot' to another in order to ensure the safety of the realm.

Occupation: God of Space and Gateways

Language(s): Greek, Arabic, Sanskrit, Turkish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, French, English.

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Demi-sexual; Biromantic

Age: 24 (Immortal)

Birthdate: October 21

Aura Color: Turquoise

Eyes: Turquoise; glow when angry.

Hair: Dark red naturally straight, full, medium length with the longest strands ending at his chin and shortest spiking up, usually worn with some kind of accessory given by his sisters.

Skintone: Light

Distinguishing Features: Dimples on both sides of his face and ice blue dragon tattoo on his right arm.

Weight: 185lbs

Height: 5'11"

Personality: Calm, calculating, very intelligent, patient, distant, introverted, and loyal.

Partner: N/A

- Parents: Fujin (father) and Innessa Kaleiah (mother)
- Siblings: Eclipse Kaleiah (sister), Asteria Kaleiah (sister), Hector Kaleiah (brother).
- Children: N/A
- Nieces/Nephews: Orin (nephew), Caro (nephew), Dorian Kaleiah-Hakim (nephew), Destan Kaleiah-Hakim (nephew), Ilianya Kaleiah-Hakim (niece).
- Aunts/Uncles: Raiden (paternal uncle), Bacchus Kaleiah (maternal uncle), Esme Kaleiah (maternal aunt), Corene Artino (maternal aunt), Phobius Artino (maternal uncle).
- Cousins: Romulus Kaleiah (cousin), Alexia Artino (cousin), Cyril Artino (cousin), Natalia Kaleiah (cousin).
- Grandparents: Cristo Kaleiah (grandfather), Olena Kaleiah (grandmother)
- Great-grandparents: Maera Anania (great-grandmother), Phillip Anania (great-grandfather), Ione Kaleiah (great-grandmother), Damon Kaleiah (great-grandfather).
- Great-great-grandparents: Suijin (great-great-grandfather), Amarante (great-great-grandmother), Kenro-Ji-Jin (great-great-grandfather), Kumari (great-great-grandmother).
- In-laws: Jeevan Hakim (brother-in-law)

Friends: Jeevan, Faulkn, Nadia, Mimiko, Sydney, & "Toasty".

Pets: N/A

Special Items:
- Simple black leather messenger bag full of parchment to draw up maps.
- Heavy leather-bound book charmed to never run out of pages.
- Phoenix feather quill given to him by Eclipse.
- Various hairclips and hair ornaments given to him by both his sisters.

Weapons: Falcata sword "Apokalypto" and matching dagger "Krybo".

- Very powerful magic abilities.
- Proficient in various weapons and forms of combat.
- Godly strength, agility, senses, endurance, reflexes, and regeneration.
- Linguist; very capable of learning languages in a short amount of time.
- Incredibly intelligent
- Energy reflection and replication
- Psychometry
- Spatial/Portal manipulation (can create and close portals between worlds and dimensions).
- Zeki (as his familiar they are both stronger together and allows him to change his form into a dragon).

- Borderline anti-social (doesn't really like people and rarely trusts anyone outside his family).
- Outside of formal situations he has very poor social skills and often avoids those situations.
- Eclipse; Damious has spent his life worrying about his sister and he has formed a serious attachment to her (which he will deny furiously but she knows better).
- Continuous use of his powers leaves him stressed and weak.

Interests: Exploring, playing the harp and violin, learning new languages, reading, observing foreign cultures, cartography.

Likes: Old books and scrolls, honest people, baklava, beef Dumplings, oranges, jasmine tea, Greek (Turkish) iced coffee.

Dislikes: His sister's schemes, loud or crowded places, anything with chocolate, energy drinks.

- "Cease your idiocy or I will do it for you."
- "You do not know the meaning of 'being lost'."
- "Just because you cannot see something does not mean it cannot see you."
- "I thought I'd seen it all."
- "Eventually you will return to where you started. However it is rarely how you left it."
- "You're arrogance proceeds you."

Affiliations: Elder Gods, Order of Brios, White Lotus Society, Forces of Light, Kosma Aspida, Kidemonas Academy.

Allies: Zeki, Elder Gods, Eclipse, Jeevan, Raiden, Fujin, other Earthrealm gods, Bo' Rai Cho, defenders of Earthrealm.

Enemies: Shao Kahn, Shinnok, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, Goro, Sheeva, Mileena, Hotaru, Daegon, and Noob Saibot.

Signature Moves:
- Rock the Cradle: Damious grabs his opponent and flips them upside down before throwing them down on his knee.
- Seat of Power: Damious slings his opponent over his shoulder and locks his arms around their neck before sitting down and flipping the opponent forward to the right side of him, driving the opponent neck and shoulder first into the ground.
- Surprise, Surprise: He summons a powerful blast of energy to form under his opponent that tosses them up into the air away from him.
- Skyward Strike: Damious teleports in front of his opponent and deliver an uppercut that sends them flying.
- Spatial Stab: Damious runs at his opponent and stabs them in the chest with his sword before roughly withdrawing it.
- Biting Blade: Damious flips forward and strikes his opponent with his sword.
- Double Bite: Similar to the Biting Blade except Damious strikes his opponent twice before flipping away.
- Spatial Hold: Damious throws a ball energy at his opponent that spreads across them and holds them still so he can land a free hit.

- Thrown for A Loop: Damious performs a hold on his opponent using telekinesis to restrain them and throws them across the arena in a circular motion.

X-Ray Move:
- Trio of Dolos: Damious runs at his opponent and grabs them by their shoulder to flip over them before turning a kicking them in the back of the neck damaging their spine; he then teleports in front of them to slam his fist into their gut rupturing their internal organs before he side steps them to landing a kick to their lower back damaging their lower spine and pelvic bones.

- Sacrifice to Coeus: Damious restrains his opponent by forming manacles around their limbs before he runs behind them swinging his sword to slice them in half vertically.
- Bloodtap: After a powerful stab to his opponent’s chest Damious summons the remainder of the blood from their body.

Other Finishers:
- Babality: Damious attempts to throw a bubble at his opponent however he gets absorbed by it and becomes stuck inside it.
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:rofl: at what Alswyn said. XDDD

I see you're finally getting a move on things. :eyes:
You're making me feel bad about myself now. XD
porcelian-doll Oct 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:giggle: I know right? He'd probably go for it too. XD
Yeah, I still have so many to get done though. D: I mean I have pretty much the whole design figured out I just need to get them done. And I'm a terrible procrastinator as you know. :dummy:
You deserve an award for it! :w00t:
*gives you a best procrastinator award* XD
porcelian-doll Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:bow: Aww thank you. I try to put off what I can. XD
Alswyn Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
And then he and Cal have hot sulky boy sex the end.
porcelian-doll Jun 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds legit to me. :iconhurrplz:
Alswyn Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
/evil cackle
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